CD spindles have been around for a while, but never quite like the folks at Cottage Fiber are making them. As you look down on the whorl, you get to enjoy a kaleidoscope of movement since each of the CDs are printed with terrific designs. These are not printed labels, but actually a water-resistant part of the CD itself.

The underside of the whorl is shiny black and shows off your newly spun yarn when you set the spindle down, which WE think is an added perk... and the ability to chose the color of accent wire sprialing up the shaft adds the finishing touch to this design-your-own spindle.

By using new materials in this design, these folks have created a lightweight ( 1.8 oz )spindle capable of spinning everything from laceweight angora to GutsyStuff.

Entertain the kids... the cats... or just yourself... they are hard to stop watching.
Spinning Gurus over at Spin Off Magazine and Interweave Press have put together a pair of awesome brochures if you're curious about learning how to spin.

The following link will take you to their
Free Spinning Brochures page...

Or, if you are familiar with PDF files, you can save some time and view them here as well.

Introduction to Spinning (1.7 mb)
Lo-tech, High Satisfaction (1.3 mb)

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It's easy and oh-so-much-cheaper to spin your own angora yarn. This example is spun from unprocessed fiber, and allows for a little variation in coloring and thickness. It's wonderful for allowing the halo of angora to emerge rather quickly. The lace sample (thanks Sheri) is angora at it's best.
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You will find spinning from multicolored batts to be very freeing. As you allow the colors to blend spontaneously on their own, they will remind you of discovering watercolors as a child. This example is a 2 ply worsted weight, and it knit up fairly quickly into these great wrist warmers.
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This is another way to use color. This blend of mohair/romney roving was dyed to enable strong color movement. No need to ply... use the singles and watch the gradual motion of the colors change. This example crocheted quickly into a little mojo-bag for a young friend.
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This is THE most fun. Combining a black merino top with dyed mohair locks creates a true artisan yarn. This yarn worked up extremely quickly into a unique scarf. Commerical yarn can't do this stuff, but you can... if you're gutsy enough.